Develop and maintain overall health

"I have had the privilege of receiving acupuncture from Jennifer regularly over the years. Her treatments have brought relief to a wide range of ailments such as back spasms and stubborn winter coughs . The best gift I have given myself is to get acupuncture preventively. With Jennifer’s wise and healing support I have been able to discover and maintain a deeper state of vibrant health and well being."

—Amanda G.

High-risk Pregnancy

"Jennifer Monin took care of me throughout my high-risk pregnancy. She has a wonderful touch and an incredible spirit about her while never losing her professional demeanor, and I learned to trust the wisdom of my own body through her work with me. She was a guidepost to me and provided me with many resources to deepen my experience throughout my pregnancy as well. Jennifer is a truly holistic healer because she worked with me on physical, spiritual, cognitive and emotional levels of understanding and transformation within my own body. Her gentle and reassuring approach to healing with herbs and acupuncture enabled me to experience the most positive journey throughout my pregnancy and I delivered a healthy, strong 8 1/2 lb. little boy. Thank you, Jennifer!"

—Sarah M.

Postpartum Support

"Jennifer’s gentle, yet powerful approach was very supportive to me postpartum. She has a calm nurturing presence, which was just what I needed in my exhausted state, as a new mother to a preemie. My sessions with her helped me to rejuvenate “me” by strengthening my internal energy. My recommendation would be to make this a priority if you are a new mother."



"Jennifer's treatments have been so healing for me in more ways than I possibly could imagine.  New to acupuncture, I sought out treatment for anxiety, which has dramatically improved since seeing her regularly.  Her treatments have also greatly helped me in my recovery from my eating disorder, diminishing OCD thoughts and internal chatter.  Seeing Jennifer regularly is now non-negotiable for me, and I have found it to be the very best form of self care.  Both her touch and spirit are nurturing and grounding and I know that after I see her I will always feel more balanced and at peace."