Jennifer Monin - Acupuncture Services Sebastopol

Chinese medicine is guided by a fundamental belief in the whole body concept of health involving the inseparable relationship of the mind, body and spirit.

I offer a comprehensive and personalized approach: a collaborative path toward optimal health.

I work as a guide to help each patient more fully participate in their own wellness. My goal is to enhance your body's natural ability to restore proper function and improve vitality.

The gentle placement of a few needles at the right place at the right time can unlock a person's full potential for balance and wellness.  I am here to partner with you on your healing journey.

Conditions I Treat 


Acupuncture can help improve fertility by supporting the organs and systems vital to reproduction. I can help you prepare your body for conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

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Hormone Balancing

Utilize acupuncture to help improve menses, menopausal symptoms, PMS and regulate thyroid and adrenal function. 

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is a safe, nonsurgical way to look and feel younger.  Stimulate collagen production, diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve muscle tone in this pampering treatment. 

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Stress and Anxiety

Allow your body to heal from stress and anxiety by clearing blockages and tonifying deficiencies. 

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Pain Management

Reduce pain, alleviate chronic inflammation, clear blockages and rebalance the body with acupuncture treatment.

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Cancer Support

Support the whole body through your healing journey.  Acupuncture helps to control post operative pain, improve digestion, reduce nausea and vomiting, improve fatigue and increase white blood cell count for those struggling with cancer.

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Whole life support

Boosting immunity, digestive issues, detox and addiction.

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Teen Support

Acupuncture treatments can empower teens to learn self care techniques to treat common imbalances such as sports injuries, PMS, anxiety, headaches and  eating disorders. 

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Pediatrics is one of the oldest specialties in Chinese Medicine with specific diagnostics and treatments designed to address children's special needs.  Chinese medicine strengthens the developing immune system and often gives children the push they need to deal with illness on their own.  

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Methods of Support

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture and chinese herbs
  • High grade essential oils on acupuncture points
  • Massage
  • Cupping and Moxa
  • Western herbal medicine
  • Supplements and nutritional support
  • Custom herbal tincture blends (locally sourced)
  • Custom essential oil blends
  • Yoga

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I accept BlueShield insurance, as well as Workmans Comp, and HSA payments

Jennifer weaves together intuition, expertise, curiosity and caring to create an atmosphere of regeneration and healing. I especially appreciate the depth of her knowledge of issues that many teens and adult women face, particularly anxiety, stress and hormonal fluctuations. I have referred men, women, and teen girls in my life to Jennifer over the years, and have heard back from them deep appreciation.
— Brighid