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Work with an experienced guide and collaborator on your path to health and vitality.

I support women of all ages in gracefully navigating life’s transitions using acupuncture, western and chinese herbs, nutrition, and yoga. Specializing in fertility, hormone balancing, facial rejuvenation,  pain management,  cancer support, teen health and pediatrics.

Serving Women, Men and families in Sebastopol, Sonoma and Marin Counties.



About Jennifer

A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Jennifer Monin has been involved in the study and practice of natural health for more than 20 years.  Her goal is to address symptoms and uncover imbalances while helping each individual achieve optimal wellness and vitality. 

She has been a wonderful support during my pregnancy on so many levels. My overall well being has improved immensely since beginning treatment with Jennifer. I feel secure knowing I have her support through the rest of my pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!
— Jasmine
The best gift I have given myself is to get acupuncture preventively. With Jennifer’s wise and healing support I have been able to discover and maintain a deeper state of vibrant health and well being.
— Amanda G.

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Plants wish us well in every way. They can provide not only for our physical needs, but also for our heart and soul. They are perfectly willing to bring us into the blessings of their union with nature. But, they can do nothing unless they are asked.
— Robin Wall Kimmerer